Bradford on Avon Residents Panel

In order to hear more points of view from across our community the Town Council is setting up a Residents’ Panel. Panellists will be asked to complete surveys two or three times a year. This is the only regular commitment, and surveys can be completed online or on paper. The project starts on a pilot basis, with the Council reviewing it in March 2022.

We are seeking applications from across the town: all ages from 16 years, all backgrounds and from those new to the town and lifelong Bradfordians. We want a panel representing our whole community, which is why we are asking a few short questions about our panellists background.
All personal information is held independently of the Town Council by Cognisant Research, a Market Research Society Company Partner. Your details are held in confidence by Cognisant and no one will be identified from the personal information they provide. Cognisant will only pass on to the Town Council the names and contact details of those individuals selected to participate in the Panel, no other organisation will be able to access your information.

If you have any questions about how your personal data will be used please call Cognisant on 01225 548000, alternatively visit to view the Privacy statement.
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