One Somerset Feedback Form

The Councils within Somerset have been assessing the potential opportunities for a revised approach to future Local Government in Somerset. For two years there have been regular discussions between the Chief Executives and the Leaders of all five Somerset authorities, culminating in the commission and subsequent publication of an independent options appraisal.

All Councils agreed that the existing arrangements are not working well and that the current situation cannot continue as currently configured without change. However, the current two-tier Councils could not agree on a single option for what that future will be.

Alongside residents and businesses we are interested to understand what Somerset's Town and Parish Councils think about the re-organisation of local government across the County. This short form is designed to get your initial feedback, but there will be further opportunities for your Councils to provide a more detailed response to this proposal, as the debate progresses.

Your responses are being reviewed by Cognisant Research, an independent market research agency, who will be providing Somerset County Council with a summary report.